Work in Progress: Hello acrylics my old friends

Do those owlets look familiar? I can’t imagine why. Except of course that they’ve been in that state since last Autumn and I first blogged about them last November!work in progress art-nellie windmill-katherine herriman

As you can see, they are agonisingly close to completion. Which is why I’m working on them in the in-between bits of working on my new and exciting piece. That’s the one on the left. Not looking particularly exciting at this early stage, which is why I’ve propped up the sketch in the background to help your imaginations along a bit.

I’ll be so happy once I don’t have any old, unfinished paintings lying around anymore. They make me feel guilty for beginning new pieces. Also, I do actually quite like them and there’s a special place in artist hell for people who don’t finish paintings they quite like. A bonus is that I’ll be able to stock my soon-to-be-launched Etsy shop with them! I’m not at all ready to launch in just over 3 weeks but will I ever be?

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