Working in a Series: Devotion VS Impulsiveness

Apparently, I’m flighty. That’s not an adjective I’ve ever ascribed to myself before. Dependable, finds comfort in routine, enjoys organising, certainly, but flighty?I’ve always been slightly envious whilst also a little incredulous at how other artists can work in a cohesive series, seemingly indefinitely. The benefits of doing so are obvious and I wanted some of that action. My first attempt to work in a series was back in September last year. I blogged about the decision and said:

My final nudge from the universe [to work in a series] was a question posed by a fellow e-course classmate: “What’s more exhausting to you? Doing multiples of something or creating something new with each canvas?” I don’t know for sure because I’ve never created multiples of something but I absolutely know that creating a new piece takes an enormous investment of time and energy. I wouldn’t describe it as exhausting but it’s certainly a major commitment of resources.

Ten months later and I now know the answer to that question. Turns out, I take a freakish amount of delight from the idea brewing and refining process and I do in fact find creating multiples exhausting. When I finally became fully conscious of how much the thought of working on my next tree swing painting made me feel leaden, despite having several designs I’d been looking forward to working on, I decided to just start painting whatever whim took my fancy. The glee that welled up inside me at that decision confirmed that it was the right one.

I’m now working on a concept that popped up in my sketchbook in January when I spent just over a month sketching, developing ideas for a new series. When I was deciding on the series to work on at the end of that month I was tossing up between three ideas and this was one of them.

This new painting has a figure in it so I spent a day sketching in order to develop a style I like. You can see some of the results below.

Drawing-Nellie Windmill-1

Drawing-Nellie Windmill-2

So what ramps your inner glee up to dangerously explosive levels? Devotion or impulsiveness?

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