Some New Original Art

I have for you today, glimpses of the first three completed pieces of 2012! Major learning curves have been scaled — both new techniques and new mediums. I’ll be showing the pieces in their entirety closer to the launch of my Etsy shop — September 7th. I’m also sharing more with newsletter subscribers so do subscribe if you’d like a little more.Original Art Tree Swing 1

Original Art-Tree Swing 2.jpg

Original Art Tree Swing 3

I’ve begun three more new pieces as of a couple of weeks ago. Once again, I seem to have found myself using an unfamiliar medium — this time gouache — so progress is slooow. I hadn’t actually planned on experimenting with gouache at all this year but my evil art supplier tempted me with a special £2 introductory set of Turner Acryl Gouache. Today I learned that gouache cracks if used too thickly or in too many layers. Booo. I’m enjoying playing with the new medium but it’s making me realise how much I rely on transparent layers. If you’re familiar with gouache and feel like saving me from myself, feel free to leave a comment or two, or ten!

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