Outrageous Art Crush: Mr Finch Textile Art

I’ve never met Mr Finch, the artist behind this magical collection of textile art, but sometimes you come across an artist or author whose work makes you think, “if I could clone people, I would clone this one”. I don’t have this thought every time I come across artwork I fall in love with. Usually, I’m satisfied with the dream of owning one of their creations one day. But every now and then the artwork is so achingly beautiful and weird that I sit in awe, wondering at the mind behind the work.

Yellow bird small Mr Finch Textile Art

Bumbee small Mr Finch

Cobweb in a case Mr Finch

Large Textile moth on hand small2 Mr Finch

Moth and coach small Mr Finch

Moths large small Mr Finch

Mr Finch Mushrooms

Mr Finch Rabbit

Orange mushroom small Mr Finch

Photo moth circle Mr Finch

Tea making spider small Mr Finch

Toadstoools 33 Mr Finch

Toadstool finished small 624x962 Mr Finch

Weeping wolf small new Mr Finch

Mr Finch Textile Artist

Mr Finch’s website

Mr Finch on Facebook

Mr Finch on Etsy

Mr Finch on Tumblr

1 Comment Outrageous Art Crush: Mr Finch Textile Art

  1. Jamie Malden

    Amazing use of textiles to make these project. They look absolutely wonderful. The textures of them all really make you want to reach out and touch them.

    An excellent find.



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