Strange & Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

Here’s a snippet of the eclectic awesome from far-flung corners of the internets in which I’ve found myself recently:Sketch Girl Penny Farthing Anchor

  • Paper n Stitch is a blog that promotes artists & makers of all things handmade and they want you to tell them about your shop!
  • Very cleverly illustrated talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the need for an education revolution.
  • Because I can’t get enough of ceramics.
  • One of my favourite Wade Robson choreographed dances.
  • Have you heard of Tiny Song? So handy when there’s a song you want to listen to in full but don’t necessarily want to buy (yet).
  • Listen to audiobooks for free next time you’re in the studio.

Happy interweb meanderings!

2 Comments Strange & Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

    1. Katherine

      Thank you, lovely! It’s funny you should mention the anchor. Just after photographing the drawing I thought, “oh bugger, I should’ve defined that anchor more”. hehehe


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