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When I think about all the things to include in this blog post a generalised anxiety settles upon me and it makes me not want to write the post at all. Which surprises me because life hasn’t been unusually stressful of late. Sure there has been immigration detention, towing, and the launching of a new career as a self-taught professional artist but nothing that stacks up against past stressors or other people’s.So there it is, a funny little cloud raining stomach churny feelings down upon me all willy nilly. Now that I’ve named it I think I’ve stolen its power (probably stored in a lightening bolt) and can go on about my business.

Just quickly, for those of you who don’t know, I do these little status updates about where I am and what I’m doing because I’ve been nomadic for the last three years and life has a tendency of changing rather dramatically without notice.

Etsy Shop Launch

Etsy Banner-Nellie Windmill

Oh the inner turmoil of opening an Etsy shop when one habitually oscillates between euphorically inspired art making and absolute conviction that nothing one has ever done has been any good. I’ve found working on my Etsy shop launch whilst in a fug elicits a strange kind of shame. It reminds me of when I used to feel guilty every time I ate back in my self-loathing days (in common parlance known as the “early 20s”). It goes something like this — my inner critic berates me throughout the day that I’m fucking up yet another perfectly good canvas, then at night I work on my Etsy shop launch whilst my inner critic shames me for the grandiose thinking and the time I’m wasting.

Anyhoo, the fug has lifted for the time being and clarity is blessedly restored. I’ve had a couple of wins these past few days and you can see one of them above. I’ve managed to design my Etsy shop banner all by myself and I am sickeningly chuffed with it. Launch is just 17 days away and I think I’m still in denial.

Fitness Geekery

I think it may have been a convergence of turning 30, wearing a bikini in public, and avidly watching the olympics, but I seem to have become a giant fitness geek. I’d been pondering the notion of exercise in the months leading up to my 30th birthday so it’s been simmering for a while now. I seem to be a little addicted. I’ve gone from being completely sedentary and having zero interest in health science to exercising 6 days a week and spending obscene amounts of time reading up on diet and exercise.


The last painting that was of a size to the one I’m working on now I completely botched so I was a bit nervous when beginning this one, but excited too. It had been a long time since I’d used acrylics — since the last botched painting actually — so there are a few rough bits but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it at the moment.


Wootton UK

Wootton UK 2

We’re back in the UK! We drove across France trying not to think about the fact that we weren’t insured (the reason for heading back to the UK, in a bureaucratically roundabout way) and successfully managed not to be in or create an accident — great relief! It seems we’d used up all our luck in that great, daring voyage however as we got to the ferry port and promptly broke down then were detained by immigration for “failure to give satisfactory or reliable answers to an Immigration Officer’s enquiries”. We were handed scary looking forms that informed us of our “bail rights” then left to sit in the foyer for about 1.5 hours! Clearly, they did eventually let us in, and although Nettle needed to be towed, she got sorted out as well. You can read all about it in great detail on our travel blog.

We’re now nestled in a tiny village called “Wootton” in County Kent. It’s a familiar place for us as we made it our base last time we crossed into Dover from Calais.

And that just about sums up where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! And of course If you’d like to be kept in the loop about the Etsy shop launch you can sign up for the newsletter or just mosey on over on September 7th.

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