Me = Asceticism + Aestheticism

It’s true. Asceticism conjures images of a brown robed monk toiling in a dimly lit cave, whilst aestheticism brings the bourgeois decadence of Marie Antoinette’s France to mind. Switch out the monk’s brown robe for something a little bit cuter, furnish his cave modestly yet tastefully, and instil in him a deep-seated longing that everything functional also be beautiful — somehow making the world a better place — and you’ll be coming close to seeing how the two traits intermingle in yours truly.Mixed Media Art Supplies

My ascetic nature bleeds over into my relationship with art supplies, which is the area in which I find it most punishing to be my naturally ascetic self. When I recently found that I couldn’t get a desired effect with my beloved PanPastels and that I’d need to buy something more suitable to the task at hand it felt like a little failure. As if I should be able to “make-do” with the art supplies I have. Having accepted that I needed to buy a set of pastel pencils, I proceeded to spend the rest of the next day trying every which way to make my PanPastels do something they’re clearly not designed to do. Just to be sure, you know.

Now that I’ve begun incorporating Ranger Distress Inks into my work more, I also decided it might be time to splurge a little and expand on my current burgeoning collection of 3 colours. I’m not even going to admit to how long I spent choosing between the trio sets of both Distress Inks and Distress Stains in order to ensure I obtained the maximum amount of my favourite colours, whilst still remaining within my self-imposed quantity limit. I have no good reason for this behaviour other than to reiterate: It. Is. In. My. Bones.

Despite my deeply pathological thought processes, I now have some much needed and cherished new art supplies and I’m as gleeful as an ascetic monk clutching a modest amount of shiny new calligraphy pens in his hermit cave.

Do you have two seemingly clashing character traits that intermingle in surprising ways? If you were to write this post, what would your title be?

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