Mixed Media Art How-to: Distress ink + acrylic gouache

Hello my rambunctious rabble! I’ve re-surfaced from a fortnight of travel and dangerous levels of socialising (for an extreme introvert) with a groovy tutorial for you today. I’ll be showing you a humble little technique I’ve developed using a couple of new art supplies I’ve picked up.

We’ll be combining acrylic gouache with Distress Ink to create a little house with a ceramic-like finish. This is a pretty cool combination of mediums because the acrylic gouache doesn’t re-wet like a traditional gouache does so we can build up several layers. However, Distress Inks do re-wet and we’ll be using this to our advantage with a sort of “dry blending” technique to create a painterly effect.

Mixed Media Art How-to


  • finished background ready to paint on
  • white acrylic gouache
  • Walnut Stain Distress Ink or Stain (Ranger)
  • paintbrush
  • white pencil

Step 1 … Sketch Subject

Mixed Media Art How-to-1

Use a white pencil to sketch your subject on the painted background.

Step 2 … Add Distress Ink

Mixed Media Art How-to-2

Daub the Walnut Stain Distress Ink directly onto the sketch.

Step 3 … Paint House

Mixed Media Art How-to-3

Paint the house with acrylic gouache, moving the re-wetted distress ink around with your brush.

Step 4 … Layer Distress Ink and Acrylic Gouache

Mixed Media Art How-to-4

Mixed Media Art How-to-5

Mixed Media Art How-to-6

Continue to alternate layers of Distress Ink and acrylic gouache until you’ve created an effect you like.

Mixed Media Art How-to-8

Mixed Media Art How-to-7

In next week’s blog post I’ll share with you some lessons I’ve learned of the heart & soul variety.

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