A Drawing of a Deep November Night and Etsy Shop Launch this Friday!

I’m not sure how it happened but apparently it’s September and I’m launching my Etsy shop this Friday! I’ll be posting each piece of art on the blog in the days leading up to launch. Which brings us to my first and favourite piece of the year…

Tree Swing-Original Art

Darkling Deep November, Katherine Herriman, 42x30cm / 16.5x11.5", Mixed Media on Paper

Mosaic  Tree Swing No 1 Original Art

Tree Swing-Detail-Original Art

Clearly this is a very different style for me, and although I’m sure I’ll create more along these lines, I can’t say that this is a permanent shift. I find that making something I wish existed and creating something for the enjoyment of the process results in two very different styles of art for me. This piece grew out of the former. I’ve been torn between these two yearnings all year. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to marry the two?

The original will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop this Friday! Wow, just wow.

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