Colour Mixing Recipe — Merlot & Mustard

It occurred to my little OCD mind that it would be super cool to create yummy colour mixing recipes using a limited palette of acrylic paints. I have a feeling this is either completely inspired or absolute madness. I’m relying on you guys to tell me which. I will take silence as implicit agreement with the former.Colour Mixing Recipe Merlot and Mustard psd

The above colours were all made using the same three primary colours, plus white in some cases. One of my very favourite things about painting is choosing a colour scheme and colour mixing (also, paint-splattered aprons, the smell of Indian ink, and glee-inducing art supplies stores). I often say that painting for me is really just an excuse to continue “colouring-in”.

However, when I think about how many shades of red, yellow, and blue there are and that each can be mixed in different combinations with each other I feel completely overwhelmed and wonder how I’m ever going to find my optimal palette. So I limit the possibilities into bite-size pieces and take one yellow and blue and red at a time. I also enjoy the harmonious effect mixing all my colours from only three primaries creates. I record the colour results, step-by-step, in my little book of colours so I can discover and perfect my colour palette over time.

If you think this colour recipe thing is pretty groovy, I’d be very grateful if you’d share the love by pinning it, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook using the thingamajig below. Thank you!

7 Comments Colour Mixing Recipe — Merlot & Mustard

  1. Jane Blogs

    That fourth colour – I’ve seen you use it as a background, and it looks amazing. This is truly an ‘inspired idea’, love the idea of sharing paint recipes :)

    1. Katherine

      Indeed, in fact this is all just a cunning ploy in the hopes that other artists will divulge their own secret recipes ;)

  2. Roni J.

    I love this idea! Def. “groovy” hahaha

    I love any color scheme with mustard/ochre in it. I also love the way you put the actual mixes in, informative and interesting.

    1. Katherine

      I too have a weakness for mustard oriented colour schemes, which is bizarre because I never used to like that colour at all! Funny to think that colour preferences change over time. Kind of like how our taste-buds change as we get older. Mmmm, tangential.

  3. roberta

    I want to thank you for showing me this triad. I am fairly new to acrylics and the colors are very different than what I am used to. I have been doing a lot of experimenting but these three are really doing it for me. I too like a limited palette.

    Thanks again for sharing this valuable information.


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