3 Top Colour Mixing Resources on the Internet

I wasn’t too interested in reading about the theories and practises behind painting when I was just starting out. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while however, I’ve begun to develop an interest in certain topics as they arise organically in my work. Most recently I’ve delved into the world of colour mixing, as I continue to be mystified by its vagaries, cloaked in a disarming illusion of easy-peasyness.Color Mixing

This listing of online colour mixing resources is made up of the things I found most helpful during my recent frenzy of research on the topic.

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about black paint and how to make it.
  • An introduction to colour bias — this was a flipping revelation!
  • An excellent general colour mixing guide from Golden with some fun colour recipes using combinations you might not have thought to try.

After going through these resources (and plenty more) I have a lot to go on with and won’t be doing any further reading until I’ve experimented a bit. I did come across quite a few recommendations for books on the topic, however, which I made a note of for future me. Of all the books I saw recommended, these are the ones which made it to my “to-read” list:

“Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory” by Stephen Quiller

A very enticing synopsis states this book: “shows readers how to discover their own personal “color sense”… a book that offers readers a fresh perspective on perfecting their own color styles.”

“Colour” by Victoria Finlay

The history of colours. Not something I’d read cover-to-cover but it would be fun to dip in and out of, gathering arcane tidbits here and there.

“Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green: Or How to Mix the Color You Want-Every Time” by Michael Wilcox

If colour bias was a revelation to you too, this might tickle your fancy.

Finding quality resources online invariably involves wading through some chaff, so I hope this resource took some of the pain out of it for you.

6 Comments 3 Top Colour Mixing Resources on the Internet

  1. fran

    thanks, these resources are useful. Hopefully I can spend less time looking at websites and more time painting with you doing the leg-work!! Love your blog!

    1. Katherine

      Happy to be of service Fran :) Whenever I do a bunch of research I’ll be sure to write up a “best of” post.

  2. julie

    Awesome. I am literally sitting here staring at a painting and wondering how the heck ( insert a stronger word) I came up with this god awful color palette. AGHH. Great post…thank you, thank you! Julie

    1. Katherine

      Julie, I’m sorry but I genuinely laughed out loud at this. I assure you it’s the laugh of one who has been there many times before and shares your pain. x


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