New Color Mixing Recipe for Acrylics — “Early Autumn Storms”

I’ve gone through several different systems for recording my colour mixing recipes. I think I’ve found a winner though. Keeping these meticulous notes is already paying off in my grand quest to find The Palette. I was flipping through my folder the other day and noticed that a couple of the swatches really leapt out at me. They had a gorgeous matte quality to them and the hues just seemed to inhabit the very specific colour family I’m looking for. Unfortunately they were both gouache! Maybe I’m using the wrong medium.Color Mixing Recipe Early Autumn Storms

These aren’t those colours (I know, what a tease!) but I am rather partial to them nonetheless. As is my want, they were each mixed with the same three primary colours, plus an earth tone here and there, as well as the obligatory white. They’re heavy body acrylics of no particular brand persuasion.

A Note on Zinc White

Just a quick note on why I used zinc white to lighten the purple hue instead of the usual titanium white. I find that with some colours, titanium white takes me into unwanted pastel territory — the new-born nursery type of pastel not the art medium. Purple is probably the biggest offender because I really can’t understate my luke-warmness towards lavender. Zinc white differs from titanium white in that it has less tinting strength and it is transparent where titanium white is opaque. The lower tinting strength allows you to lighten colours without ending up with a palette that looks like you’re preparing to go to town on a new-born’s nursery.

In other news, I totally sold my first painting the other day! Also, I bought my first easel with birthday money (from way back in June). I think with these two facts combined, I’m a real artist now.

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  1. rita maria

    congratulations on your first sale!! that is very encouraging isn’t it? i didn’t know this about the whites. i will have to play around with them to see the differences. i’m not much for pastels either. your color palette has always spoken to me.

    1. Katherine

      Rita, the sale was within the first 24 hours of opening my Etsy shop and I just didn’t know what to do with myself! My first thought was, “that wasn’t supposed to happen”. Opening the Etsy shop didn’t actually feel real up until that point.

      Enjoy playing with the zinc white! I just adore learning new things about colour mixing.



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