Presenting “Clove & Cardamon Tangle”

This is the last piece in the tree swing series for now. I’ve another dozen or so tree swing themed pieces rattling about in my head but I think three similar pieces in a row is my ceiling.

Tree Art-Clove and Cardamon Tangle

Clove & Cardamon Tangle, Katherine Herriman, 33.8x24.5cm / 13.3x9.6", Mixed Media on Paper

Tree Art-Clove and Cardamon Tangle_Detail Mosaic

Tree Art-Clove and Cardamon Tangle-Detail

This is a painting about autumn (or fall for our American friends), sans autumn leaves. It has its roots in the warm feelings I have towards all things autumnal: warm, earthy colours, cradling a mug of warm chai tea, and spicy pumpkin everything.

This painting will be available in the Etsy shop upon launch this Friday ( I know, I know, you know, but I have to say it for the folks who don’t know)… hehe.

I’ll be blogging about the final painting tomorrow!

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