These are Some of the Many Things I Don’t Know

Usually when I write about being a self-taught artist, I write about the lessons I’ve learned along the way. This time around, I’d like to share some of the issues I’m still fuzzy on, despite having been aware of them and having pondered them a bit here and there, for quite some time. Maybe my gentle readers have found their own answers to these questions or maybe the process of writing about it will help clarify my own thoughts on these matters, as so often happens. Continue reading

The Cost of Experimentation

I had a light-bulb moment the other day. I realised that churning out paintings and experimenting with new techniques are mutually exclusive (for me). Last year, I decided to focus on just a couple of techniques and this year I decided to add a couple more techniques as well as a new medium. Oh, and I’ve also been experimenting with colour mixing this year! I feel like my productivity has really stalled to a crawl this year, buried under a groaning mound of experimentation. Too much new makes Katherine decombobulate. Continue reading