Podcasts to Tickle Your Brain: Part 2

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I run out of sketches to head up these blog posts with. Hopefully by that time the Etsy shop (coming September 7th!) will be open by then and I can show you some finished paintings. Anyhoo, since my last blog post about podcasts with sexy mind moves, I’ve discovered a couple more which I shall bestow upon you because you is good peoples. Continue reading

6 Podcasts to Tickle Your Brain Whilst You Make Ace Original Art

Sometimes I find that at certain stages of the art-making process — detail work and finishing touches, for example — it can become a little bit like manual labour and my brain gets a bit restless. Happily, I’ve found many a tantalising podcast to keep it happy whilst I perform the purely kinetic aspects of my craft. Here I’ve listed my six favourites in order of partiality. Continue reading

3 Top Colour Mixing Resources on the Internet

I wasn’t too interested in reading about the theories and practises behind painting when I was just starting out. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while however, I’ve begun to develop an interest in certain topics as they arise organically in my work. Most recently I’ve delved into the world of colour mixing, as I continue to be mystified by its vagaries, cloaked in a disarming illusion of easy-peasyness. Continue reading