Colour Inspiration

I basically froth at the mouth with giddy delight when it comes to colour selection and colour mixing. An especially exciting moment for me is when I select the inspiration for my next colour scheme from my immense store of images. I imagine it’s a bit like the excited anticipation of finding out the sex of your baby, but more-so because there are only two (maybe three) possibilities in that scenario, which is totally lame compared to the vast array of colours and combinations therein. Continue reading

Children’s Book Finds in Paris

As I write this, there is a fog out the window, enveloping Denmark (yes, we’re in Denmark and it’s a long story), except for the little autumn tree nearby, dropping it’s leaves at Nettle’s feet. I’m lovingly nursing a beautiful children’s book with autumn leaves on the cover, which has come all the way from Paris. I was so inspired and delighted by the children’s books I found in Paris that I bought two of them, which I am well chuffed to be sharing with you here. Continue reading