New Acrylic Painting — “Benighted & Befogged”

As you all know, I’m enamoured with the notion of things flying that really shouldn’t. I’ve decided to once again delve into this theme after my brief tree-swing diversion. I like to think the protagonist of this painting is flummoxed yet delighted.Acrylic Painting Canvas Art_Detail 1

Acrylic Painting Canvas Art_Full

Benighted & Befogged, Katherine Herriman, 50x20cm / 19.7x7.9", Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic Painting Canvas Art_Detail 4

Acrylic Painting Canvas Art_Clouds

Acrylic Painting Canvas Art_Detail 3

After many exasperating, yet somewhat appropriate, attempts at photographing this piece on foggy British days, the original art is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

The illustration possesses several features of note, which may not be obvious in the photos. The feature cloud is subtly textured so that it appears slightly raised off the background. The protagonist and his bike have been rendered in many delicate layers of acrylic, alternating between matte acrylic and glossy acrylic glaze. When viewed in direct light, these alternating layers of gloss and matte interact in an aesthetically interesting way.

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  1. Katherine

    Aw, thank you lovely girl. It’s funny you should mention my colour palette today because I have had an immense, exciting turning point moment in my colour scheme process today and am absolutely thrilled! Cannot wait to share the pics of the colour scheme (and its various evolutions) for my latest painting.

    How’s your stuff going? I’ve not had a blog post of yours in my inbox for a while.



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