Art Inspiration: Wall space I covet

Clearly, I spend too much time thinking about making art and not enough time actually making art. Yet, against all the odds I’ve finished the sketches for my next painting and will begin slapping on some paint tomorrow. I want to share with you today the unconventional quarters from which I drew the inspiration for this painting.Pinterest Art Inspiration 3

Pinterest Art Inspiration 2

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I read some art business advice a while back which suggested that artists think about who their ideal clients are. Maybe because I’ve yet to even attempt to sell a painting, let alone been in a position to make an informed decision about what makes for an ideal client, this advice struck me as more than a little bizarre. However, after following that line of thought around a couple of bends and bumps I found myself in a much more interesting hypothetical place. I wondered what the ideal dwelling for my art might look like. Where do I want my artwork to live? At this point, nothing I’ve ever painted has left home so I’ve never had cause to think about that next stage of their lives.

As you can see I promptly made a Pinterest board and gleefully pinned rooms with the appropriate level of playfulness, unconventionality, and my particular bent on colour. And if your peepers are particularly peepy, you may also note that most of the images are all from the one blog! So basically, I just want to make art for Désaccord

I’ll be sure to show you my progress on Désaccord’s next product ahem, I mean my new painting next week!

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  1. rita maria

    thinking of a “clientele” is such a difficult thing to do. i mean we do art for ourselves right? i struggle with this idea a lot because then it feels more like “work” instead of expression and creativity. however, when i put it in terms of who do i want to speak to, who do i want to touch then that seems to help me out some more. so i think of it less as who do i want to sell to but more who do i want to connect with.

    these inspiration photos are beautiful. i could jump in and live in any one of them!

  2. Katherine

    Aha! That makes so much more sense! Yeah, I definitely don’t want to be thinking about the end audience whilst I’m creating. Although I am enjoying thinking about its end destination to guide the aesthetic.


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