How to Create Beautiful, Cohesive Colour Schemes Using 2 Simple Tools

I quickly became so enamoured with the tools I’m about to tell you about that I spent way too long creating these colour schemes just for funzies.

Adobe Color CC

Purple Teal and Green Colour Scheme

Adobe Color CC allows you to upload an image from which it will then extract 5 of the dominant colours. However the best thing about this tool is that you can drag the selectors around to select and refine the colours. It does a lot more than this as well so have a play around with the colour wheel too.

Arthur Rackham Colour Scheme

Purple and green colour scheme

Mauve lavendar colour scheme

Crystallize in Photoshop

neutral monochromatic colour scheme

If you want more variety than Adobe’s Color CC can give then Photoshop’s Crystallize is a good option. The crystallize filter in Photoshop turns your image into well… chunks. Thus giving you a huge range of flat colour options. All you need to do once you’ve opened your image in Photoshop is to select:

Filter > Pixelate > Crystallize

You can then select how small or large you want your chunks or “cells” to be.

red and blue colour palette

I’ve not actually used these tools when creating a colour scheme for my paintings yet but only because I completely forgot about them! Next time I’m creating a colour scheme I’ll use this method and write about it on the blog and maybe talk about colour matching a bit too.

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