A Memo from the Moon

Allow me to introduce you to the reason I dropped off the face of the earth this year. I mentioned at the beginning of the year that we bought our very first house: “Piper’s Moon”. Since then we’ve had people doing work on the house pretty much constantly as she was in a bit of a state, bless her. So although settlement was in Autumn we didn’t get in until the dead of Winter.


Autumn 2

Autumn 3

Autumn 4


Bulb planting

Piper s Moon


Our Road




We’re on an acre so the garden’s big enough that we can take a little walk through it and it was so exciting to be surprised by something new emerging in the garden each time.




Now | Summer

The more work we did on the house the worse and worse she looked (think porches ripped up, gouges in weatherboards, mud everywhere, etc), but finally we’re coming out the other end and we’ve gotten around to some of the fun stuff which will make her pretty again, like painting! I cannot express how delighted I am with my glossy black doors!



wild flowers

wild flowers 2

Interior Vignettes



I’m completely in love with my garden and gardening. When I’m in the studio I love it just as much as ever but it’s a constant battle to actually get in there and tear myself away from the garden. I’m currently grieving a little for all my spare time to spend in the garden as I’m prioritising creating as much art as I can for an upcoming thing which I will tell you about another time because this post is already long enough (a bit like this sentence)! All of this is to say that I’m going to start blogging about my garden as well, although it will remain predominantly an art blog.

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