Pretty Things be Mine!

Socks and Stockings

Centre image by Silvee van Toor

I discovered Sock Dreams way back in the Nettle days when buying online pretties was a distant dream. I pinned them instead and just the other day remembered all the amazing socks and stockings past me had wistfully pinned and went and bought them!

When the socks arrived in the post I was working on this painting and was struck by the similarity in colour palettes! Can you guess what my favourite colours are?

Socks and work in progress art

Etsy Coasters

Stone coasters by The Ends

It occurred to us that when we eventually do buy a house and move in it’s going to be a very empty house. We own all of the major appliances and a bed but that’s really it. We decided it would be a good idea to start buying things for our home now because I have been known to take months to find something to my liking. The only problem with this plan is that we can’t buy any big things like furniture because we don’t have anywhere to put them. Clearly we could live without coasters but… I don’t know what to say. I just wanted coasters.


The Emily and Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock from PB Teen

This was a purely spontaneous purchase, although I would like to have a collection of vintagey clocks one day. I’m not sure I’ve ever loved an inanimate object more except for maybe Beautiful Baby, a doll I’ve had since I was 6 months old.

Replica Industrial Lamp

Replica 1950's Swing-arm Industrial Architects Lamp by Timberson

I’ve been wanting to buy a daylight lamp for my studio table all year. Daylight lamps that are marketed as professional artist lamps are horrible, ugly plastic things but it occurred to me you can just buy daylight bulbs and put them in any lamp. Since this realisation I’ve been on the lookout for a lamp for the better part of a year. Did I mention I’m picky? There are plenty of gorgeous genuine vintage lamps on Etsy but I can’t bring myself to spend $500 or more on a lamp. When I found this replica 1950’s swing-arm industrial architects lamp on Etsy I knew I had found The One. I contacted the maker and was told he doesn’t ship to Australia. Tragedy. After this happened a couple more times I finally settled on the Pottery Barn lamps below.


Clamp Lamp

Green Jumpsuit

This green jumpsuit is truly a thing of beauty. I had mine made with gaucho pants as I was a bit worried I’d look like I was wearing pyjamas otherwise and I had the back made a bit less open. Kari of Clementiny Clothing is the maker and absolutely delightful.

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