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Work in progress art

Work in progress detail shot; Wanted: One Face

Sometimes I just want to share some thought morsels in a blog post rather than stringing a coherent thought together into a cohesive whole. And anyway, nobody doesn’t love nibbles. There is a theme however, the niblets are all art related.

  • There is such a cornucopia of brushes out there that you may as well buy pretty ones.
  • I like to buy the professional artist quality materials so when it all goes horribly wrong I can’t blame my tools.
  • It’s easier to work bigger than smaller.
  • People are much more impressed with big art.
  • When I think I’ve dulled down a colour enough, I should dull it down some more. It will look brighter on white and next to black.
  • Understanding tinting strength is so important for successful colour mixing



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