Work in Progress

Nellie Windmill Work in Progress Art 1

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m focusing on a signature colour theme for my next few paintings to establish a cohesive look. I’m really happy with how my master colour scheme is coming together in these two pieces (the purple and green ones, not the pink one).

Nellie Windmill Work in Progress Art 5

Technique wise, I’m also doing a couple of things differently in these two pieces. I can’t seem to sit still when it comes to technique. Probably because I haven’t found anywhere worth sitting still long for. For one, I’m focusing on keeping my edges soft. Until now, I’ve really been about the neat, crisp edge. I’m really liking the effect so far.

I’m also layering different colours on top of each other, as opposed to working from dark to light in the same hue, which is how I usually build up my layers. I’m finding this both a more enjoyable way to paint and the end result to be more interesting.

I’m also using shading very selectively in the hot air balloon piece. I’ve not shaded the hot air balloon itself at all. The jury’s still out on this.

Nellie Windmill Work in Progress Art 2

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