Defining a Cohesive Colour Scheme for My Art

Since being back in Australia I’ve been offered the opportunity to exhibit at a Melbourne cafe and a couple of other opportunities have arisen that I could apply for. This has forced me to start thinking like a professional artist. I was looking at the paintings I’ve made this year, all together, and realised that all of the different colour schemes didn’t really gel with each other.

I really love seeing an artist’s work all together, looking cohesive. I find it immensely inspiring. That’s something I want to experience one day myself.

As I had the epiphany that my work lacked that cohesiveness, I was in the middle of painting with yet another colour scheme which also wouldn’t match any of the other pieces I’ve finished this year. I immediately stopped working on this piece and decided I needed to paint my next painting in a sort of “Master Colour Scheme”. A colour scheme I could base all other colour schemes off. The idea being, that when I am developing new colour schemes in the future, I can compare them to the “Master” and if it clashes I wont’ use it.

MG 8313

colour scheme acrylic painting_2

colour scheme

These are my staple colours; plummy purples and earthy greens with plenty of neutrals.

There are a couple of colours in the colour mixing grid which aren’t to my taste so I want to be clear that I’m not saying that this is the best colour combination in the world. I am however, very pleased with the results of playing with this palette on a canvas. Probably because I could omit the mauve (vom) and dirty up the mint green with raw umber.

P.S. After uploading this post to my blog, I realised this is essentially my blog’s colour scheme!

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