The Greatest Pinterest Boards in All the Lands

Pinterest is easily my favourite social media site. I find it’s best once you’ve built up a healthy amount of boards full of gorgeous miscellany to follow. Every time I open up my Pinterest home page I get an eyeful of Awesome.I spent an obscene amount of time going through the boards I follow trying to choose my favourites to share and barely even got half-way. So I’m sharing just six today and will be sure to do another post(s) in the future.

Fairy Antiques

My favourite pins are often of things that are both utterly useless and strange. I rarely re-pin them myself because I tend to use Pinterest in a very utilitarian way but I appreciate other people pinning them. Averil Michelle is the curator of many dark and delectable collections but the Fairy Antiques board might be my favourite. She also writes the most lovely descriptions for her boards:

“I blame my mother for my love of all things magical and sparkly, my grandmother’s old button box and the monster I knew lived under my bed. Being an eighty’s child, my imagination was inspired by dark and creepy fairy tale films like The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and Legend. These things stayed with me as I grew up through my dreams and nightmares.”

Pinterest Fairy


This is my second favourite Averil Michelle Pinterest board. Lots of imagery of white interiors in various stages of beautiful decay and elegant decline.

Pinterest Decor

nice little place ya got there

This is a For Strange Women board. She is the lady on Etsy who makes my perfume (and other people’s presumably). I’ve always been rather partial to the pictures of her own home that she posts on her blog and her Pinterest board of dwellings is no exception.

Pinterest Interior Design

Colour Inspiration

I find that other people’s colour inspiration boards rarely resonate with me, but Jeanne Stregles’ is an exception.

Pinterest Colour Inspiration


Either surprisingly or unsurprisingly – it could go either way – art is another area in which I have trouble matching my tastes with other people’s boards. Patricia Berendi pins both Leontine Greenberg and Nicoletta Ceccoli art, so I like the cut of her jib.

Pinterest Art

Colours (Mine!)

And now there’s me! I might be biased but check out those colours!

Pinterest Colours Nellie Windmill

There you have it; some of my favourite Pinterest boards with more to come. I’m always keen to follow more exquisitely curated boards of gorgeous Internet flotsam, so do share!

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