New Art! (Thank the Lords of Kobol)

My Gods, what the frak have I been doing this year!? Apparently watching and playing too much Battlestar Galactica for one. I’ve been meaning to share these two paintings, which I’ve just listed on Etsy, for an eon so without further ado.Fisher Painting ARGB Baby 1000

Fisher Painting SRGB 1000

The Little Fisherthing, Katherine Herriman, 40.5 x 30cm / 16 x 11.8″, Mixed Media on Canvas

Fisher Painting ARGB Claw 1000

This piece is very much a storybook scene I painted for grown-ups. Just between you and me, I suspect the little fisherthing is wearing its pants on its head. I can’t be sure

Limerence Painting SRGB 1000

Flotsam, Katherine Herriman, 42 x 29.7cm / 16.5 x 11.7″, Mixed Media on Paper

Flotsam Painting Dude 2 ARGB 1000

Flotsam Painting Synergy Cloud ARGB 1000

It is unclear where or when they are but I do know what they are: flotsam. Un-required, driftless, and utterly useless. Happily though, they also possess a boundless supply of great internal merriment.

I created “Flotsam” for a local (heehee, it’s still funny being a “local” of somewhere) competition. I didn’t win, which I was surprisingly un-moved by; I think because my heart wasn’t in it. We had to work in black and white which I found pretty uninspiring and the winner had their work printed on t-shirts, which I wasn’t crazy about.

Actually, I’ve been struggling all year with not knowing where I want to take my art. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post!

Available on Etsy!

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