A life goal: Amass a heaving collection of tights

One of the benefits of living like a gypsy-pauper for 3.5 years then moving half-way across the world without realising you’re doing so is that you get to start your wardrobe again from scratch. This is especially squee-evoking if you’ve been living in hiking pants and polar fleece (gypsy-hiker-pauper?) for said 3.5 years. I loathe polar fleece.Katherine Herriman

Something I’ve been meaning to do in the fashion department for almost my entire adult life is amass a heaving collection of tights. I’ve always wanted to wear skirts and dresses more too but this is secondary to my tights fixation. I’d always make a point of buying a pair when we were in an appropriately funky shop in Europe, but never wore them because I didn’t have any skirts or dresses (and of course, I’ve left them all behind in Nettle).


I’m now the proud owner of these bad boys, however. I’m pairing them with these dresses from ModCloth (the top is also from ModCloth but the swimsuit is from Bloomingdales). Check out that swimsuit!

I’m quite fond of pinning my possible future exploits to my style board on Pinterest so check that out if you’d like to see more.

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