Work in Progress Sneak Peek

I’m frequently asked about the inspiration for a piece and I can’t answer in any satisfying, coherent way. People seem to be really disappointed by this, which makes me think that maybe artists also need to be storytellers. The interesting thing about this sketch-soon-to-be-painting, is that after I drew it a very clear link could be made between it and The Inspiration.Nellie Windmill Sketch

Upon finishing this sketch of a little planet, I remembered that I had recently finished reading “The Little Prince”. Although, I was never consciously thinking of the book whilst drawing, it seems like too much of a coincidence to not be directly connected. This is part of the problem with the question, “what was your inspiration?”. I’m not necessarily conscious of my inspiration.

I’m really unsure about how I’m going to go about painting this piece. I think it’s going to be very experimental. Wish me luck!

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