The Original Art of Melissa Peck

It’s that time again, where I introduce you to an artist who makes me yearn and covet and turn a particularly unflattering shade of chartreuse. Suddenly I want to work in oil on ginormous canvases. Until now I’ve been utterly, illogically, intimidated by large canvases, despite the fact that it’s easier to work big than small.Melissa Peck Original Art 2

Melissa Peck Original Art 1

Melissa Peck Original Art 4

Melissa Peck Original Art 3

Melissa Peck Original Art 5

I deeply relate to these words of Melissa’s but in a strange sort of a way:

I feel that I am just now beginning to create the work that I have been working toward all these years. I am grateful for every bad painting I have painted to get here. Julia Cameron said “Remember by being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance over time to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one.” I do not feel that I am at any destination, simply on a journey. It is exciting to watch my work evolve. Every group of new paintings I love more than the last.

You see, I have this conviction that within me lies the ability to make the type of art I yearn to make. Each new painting proffers a glimpse, each time ever-so-slightly clearer, of My Art.

As far as I can tell, Melissa only has an abandoned blog and sadly no other web-presence. It’s still worth a look though, as she did blog for a good few years before The Great Fizzle-out of 2011.

3 Comments The Original Art of Melissa Peck

  1. rita maria

    ooooh i loooooove her work!! thank you for sharing. you are right though it is more challenging to work small. it’s confining for me. the size of her pieces are screaming to be stared into. inspiring!

  2. Melissa Peck


    I stumbled on this post and had to write. Thank you for the compliment on my work. It is funny because I go through waves myself of creating large or small paintings. Currently I am painting large…yes, I’m still painting! I had a solo show in July and am painting for a show in December and January. If you go to my blog you can read more. My website is currently down but will be back up shortly! I wish you the best in your painting!!

    Melissa Peck

    1. Katherine

      Melissa, how delightful! I’m so excited that you’re blogging again. I can’t wait to pop over to your blog and get caught up :)


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