Yellow + Brown = Green and Other Colour Mixing Nuggets of Wisdom

Remember when I mentioned that I bought a whole new set of acrylic colours, having left most of my paints in Europe whilst I galavant around in Australia? This of course meant me doing an enormous amount of research so I could buy the most optimal combination of colours. I hope you, my gentle readers, are as massive art geeks as myself and will enjoy these resources I found.Golden Paints Limited Palette

  • I ended up buying Golden Paints’ suggested limited palette after seeing all the pretty colours I could mix with them in their colour mixing guide. In the centre of the image above are the colours in the limited palette, and around the outside are some of the yummiest colours you can mix using the recipes they provide.

  • On Art School at Home you will find an overview of each pigment family and some more detailed notes on particular colours.

  • I often say I have no regrets about not going to art school. You know how we teach children that yellow + blue = green, red + blue = purple and so on? Well, I’ve been mixing my paints like that for years now. I wonder, had I gone to art school how quickly I would’ve learnt the fallacy of this approach:

Yellow + Brown = Green

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