Presenting the Deranged but Loveable Riffraff Known as “Winkle & Tonk”

Do you know what excites me most about my latest painting? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my artwork hanging on a proper wall. It somehow looks better, more polished, as if it’s posing on the red carpet.Wall Art - Winkle

Wall Art Winkle and Tonk on a Wall 700 wide

Wall Art Winkle Tonk Synergy

Wall Art - Tonk

Original art winkle + tonk detail

Original art winkle side

I’m also rather chuffed to announce that my Etsy shop is once again open! Unfortunately, none of the paintings I had available in the shop before temporarily closing it are listed as they’re still in Europe and I’m still in Australia. Happily, Winkle & Tonk are cheering the place up with their presence, so do pay them a visit.

I’ll be adding more paintings as I finish them. I’ve another finished piece which I can’t show you quite yet, as I’ve entered it into a competition and need to wait until it’s shown in that forum before sharing it publicly. Otherwise, I’ve two more paintings on the go, one very close to completion and will be beginning another this week.

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