Strange & Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

Hmmm, a link sharing post after months and months without any posts at all, let alone new art or an explanation about what the hell I’ve been up to. Am I stalling? Maybe.Link Love march 2013

None of this detracts from the worthiness of the linky goodness I am about to bestow, however. As always, none of these things has anything to do with each other, except for unusually high levels of awesome.

  • If you think you’d like the type of sassy vixen who’d call her blog “Unicorns for Socialism”, then you’re about to get a girl crush, my friend.
  • Funny, funny, filthy smut. That is all the description Oglaf needs.
  • There’s really no appropriate segue from funny filth to “Written by a Kid”, which is equally funny with much less cock. See, totally inappropriate.
  • I’m intrigued by the concept of tiny changes that produce big results. This podcast applies this concept to the topic of food production and carbon emissions and more specifically, the local-food movement.
  • July last year I began exercising 5 days a week and eventually — begrudgingly — started to change my diet. As you can imagine, the internet is a veritable minefield when researching fitness and nutrition. I knew I need look no further when I read, “You are going to bestraddle this sugar bitch like a Colossus of yore” on Krista’s no-faff blog Stumptuous.
  • For putting together actual exercise routines, I head over to Simply Shredded and knick moves from professional fitness models (see their interviews section). Both Stumptuous and Simply Shredded reference empirical research in their advice articles, which is important to me as I’m intensely uninterested in fads.

Next week, actual art!

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