Five Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1

This week’s word for Illustration Friday is “stretch”, hence the illustration. This is the first drawing in the sketchbook I bought when I took a month just to draw, around this time last year. That was a glorious time. I’ve still got dozens of drawings from this time saved in my vast “potential paintings” folder in Evernote.

Illustration Nellie Windmill

Random Thought #2

I sold my second painting ever the other day. Before I’d ever sold any paintings I had a fear, naturally, that maybe I never would. Totally expected, totally normal. What I wasn’t anticipating was the fear that would settle in after selling my first painting. One could be a fluke. What if I never sell another painting ever again? I learnt that one is almost as bad as none. But two? Two is in a different camp altogether. Two is the beginning of a trend. The distance between two and three is exponentially shorter than the distance between one and two.

Random Thought #3

I’ve been feeling a bit fuggy lately and I came to the conclusion the other day that it’s due in large part to feeling like our vagabond lifestyle is costing more than it’s giving, since we’ve been back in the UK. For the past several months we’ve not been doing the things that make this lifestyle special, but of course we still need to do all of the tedious things it demands, and in foul weather to boot.

We had a couple next to us in a caravan for about a month, who we constantly managed to shock with all of the things we live without and the way in which we manage; and that was before they knew we’d been doing it for three years! One day, they’d see us washing our clothes in a bucket, the next we’d be cycling the bulkier items down to the closest (not so close) laundromat, then they’d learn we don’t have an oven, just three burners (to their shock and horror), and on and on. I found their pity rather bemusing at the time but right now I am feeling well and truly done with living in a motorhome.

Random Thought #4

I have no idea what the next couple of months hold. We have plans but haven’t committed to anything whole-heartedly. If our tenuous plans turn into reality (our firm plans never do, so I’m thinking the tenuous ones are probably a sure-bet), we’ll be moving to Berlin, renting an apartment (thank goddess!) and visiting friends and family back in Australia for a month. I genuinely have no idea if we’re going to do any of this. I think, if the moving to Berlin part wasn’t happening in the dead of winter I’d be nothing but enthusiastic, but as it is I’m completely daunted.

Random Thought #5

Today, I’ll be finishing my favourite painting to date and starting a new one. Two very happy occasions on the same day!

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    1. Katherine

      It is freeing. I like knowing that I can live without a washing machine, hot water coming out of a tap, and just… stuff. But now that I know that, I don’t feel the need to keep doing it. I think it could only be a good thing if everyone did it once in their life.


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