Colour Inspiration

I basically froth at the mouth with giddy delight when it comes to colour selection and colour mixing. An especially exciting moment for me is when I select the inspiration for my next colour scheme from my immense store of images. I imagine it’s a bit like the excited anticipation of finding out the sex of your baby, but more-so because there are only two (maybe three) possibilities in that scenario, which is totally lame compared to the vast array of colours and combinations therein.

colour inspiration painting 1

Colour inspiration for Clove & Cardamon Tangle: Ceramic still life by House of Ceramics, Scrapbook papers by Basic Grey, Painted stones by Natasha Newton

colour inspiration painting

Colour inspiration for my night-time tree swing paintings: Unfortunately, I've not a clue where I got these images from!

colour inspiration painting_3

Colour inspiration for Benighted & Befogged: Photograph by Studio Sicilia, Design by Making it Lovely, Assemblage by Mermak

When I see a lickable color scheme it goes into Evernote and some of them make it onto my Pinterest Color Board.

Despite the fact that my studio table is a teensy 1 square metre, I always have my laptop on the table when I paint so I can refer to my inspiration images. As with every aspect of my art-making process, there is a structure to how I do things but at the same time there is always space for happy accidents. If I stumble upon a gorgeous color on the way to mixing another one, it will find its way onto the canvas.

Next week, I’ll share with you some work-in-progress shots of my new painting. If you’re interested in seeing such photos in “real time”, I share them as I go on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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