Nellie Windmill Etsy Shop Grand Opening!

The Nellie Windmill Etsy shop is open! I think I put it around about HERE!Nellie Windmill Etsy Shop 3

…and it’s got a swanky “About Page” too:

Nellie Windmill Etsy Shop 1

And presenting the Etsy shop launch surprise guest (in his pyjamas, no less):

Pin up Owl Full

He’s decided to retire from the tawdry life of a calendar pin-up model and find a new home with the help of Etsy. Unconventional, true; but that’s how he rolls.

The newsletter with Free Shipping coupon goodness inside went out a moment ago. If you’d like to get some of that action next time, do subscribe. It’s bimonthly and chock full of secrets and pretty stuff.

There is more art available for the having in the world today, folks. It’s a very good day.

Go snaffle some up!

x Katherine (AKA “Nellie”)

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