Leontine’s 11 Questions

I always enjoy reading people’s answers to these meme thingies and marvel at all the interesting, funny things people think and do. I think this might actually be my first time doing one though, and at the behest of the lovely Leontine, no less. Can I just say, the amount of time I spent thinking about the answer to number 10 is truly mortifying and I will never tell.

1. If you had to live in another time period, which would you pick and why?

I would choose to hurtle 100 years into the future. Why the future? Because (a) things weren’t so stellar for women-folk in past-times, (b) dentistry, and (c) I already know what happened in the past, so where’s the fun? Why 100 years? It’s far enough ahead to be interesting but not too far that I probably couldn’t catch up on all that I’d missed.

2. What article of clothing would you like to own, but don’t?

Boots. I’ve optimistically bought various coloured opaque tights for the eventuality.

3. Something you are obsessed with.

I’ve very recently developed an obsession with exercising. Anyone who knows me would be staggered by this, just so you know I’m not one of *those* people. You know those people.

4. Something you are really looking forward to.

Doctor Who returning to TV this Saturday! I can’t hardly believe it. It’s been almost a year, you guys!

5. Can you drive a car?

Not safely and yet I have a full manual license.

6. Do you have that dream where there are extra rooms or places or architectural features in your house? What are they like?

I have many recurring themes in my dreams but that isn’t one of them. When I do dream about my home (which is currently a motorhome because I’m nomadic and stuff) I’m usually hurtling uncontrollably down a busy road and none of the pedals work.

7. What is your favourite thing about where you live?

Vagabonding-Nellie Windmill (There were pretty coloured stones in the road)

It can be almost anywhere I want it to be.

8. What is the first book/song/movie/show/piece of art you remember that really moved you?

The last unicorn


Either the Last Unicorn or Redwall, by Brian Jacques. Both made me sob and I remember being perplexed and embarrassed that a fictional character could inspire such intense emotions in me. I was obviously young enough to be under the delusion that this only ever happened to me.

9. What was your first job?

KFC. I don’t want to talk about it.

10. What fictional creature or robot would you like to take home as a pet?

I want to say something magical but all the magical creatures I can think of that have groovy abilities can talk and wishing they were my pet feels a little too close to slavery. So, I wish for a cylon so it can do all the cleaning and stuff — one from before they went evil from all that slavery and destroyed the earth forcing the human race into exile in space.

11. What interesting-looking celebrity should I attempt to draw next?

I prefer fictional people. Sorry, I can’t help you there. Are you familiar with Auri from The Name of the Wind?

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    1. Katherine

      hehe, thanks hun. She’s currently snuggled up amongst the rolling hills of County Kent, England. It’s damp but cozy.


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