Strange and Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

Here’s a snippet of the eclectic awesome from far-flung corners of the internets in which I’ve found myself recently (and a wee drawing I like to call, “Bow Ties are Cool”):Bow Ties are Cool

  • 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative. I think, “don’t wait until you know who you are to get started” is perhaps the most important.
  • Oh, the things I will make when I finally learn how to sew.
  • Some guy has built my dream home at Prickly Nut Woods in West Sussex, UK. I appreciate the cute name and everything but it’s going to be a bitch shipping it to Australia.
  • Illustrator, Shaun Tan answers some interesting questions on the FAQ section of his website. I’m especially intrigued by his answer to: “Do you start with words or pictures?”.
  • This video got me through a long night of infected-tooth pain and ever since I’ve found that books read in a Neil Gaimon voice amplifies their awesome.
  • It just so happens that my last two dot points got together and talked about the birthplace of ideas and writing as a way of learning what you think, amongst other things. Clever dot points.

Happy interweb meanderings!

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