6 Podcasts to Tickle Your Brain Whilst You Make Ace Original Art

Sometimes I find that at certain stages of the art-making process — detail work and finishing touches, for example — it can become a little bit like manual labour and my brain gets a bit restless. Happily, I’ve found many a tantalising podcast to keep it happy whilst I perform the purely kinetic aspects of my craft. Here I’ve listed my six favourites in order of partiality.Tickle my brain

  1. RadioLab is a show about curiosity.

  2. This American Life — In their own words: “One of our problems from the start has been that when we try to describe This American Life in a sentence or two, it just sounds awful. For instance: each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. That doesn’t sound like something we’d want to listen to on the radio, and it’s our show. So usually we just say what we’re not. We’re not a news show or a talk show or a call-in show. We’re not really formatted like other radio shows at all. Instead, we do these stories that are like movies for radio. There are people in dramatic situations. Things happen to them. There are funny moments and emotional moments and—hopefully—moments where the people in the story say interesting, surprising things about it all. It has to be surprising. It has to be fun.”

  3. Risk! is a podcast, where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share. Warning: not for the prudishly inclined!

  4. My Love For You Podcast — Meighan O’Toole of the contemporary art blog ‘My Love for You’ sits down with artists and creative folk.

  5. The Moth is dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

  6. Story Collider shares stories about science. Note: rarely about science

Do you have a favourite podcast you listen to whilst in the studio?

Let me know in the comments!

4 Comments 6 Podcasts to Tickle Your Brain Whilst You Make Ace Original Art

  1. Mikeachim

    Nos. 1 and 2 are filling the gaps in my life at the moment. Both are magical and make me feel like a grown-up kid…

    For listening and brain-tuning, I can also thoroughly recommend going onto iTunes and looking through iTunesU: massive amounts of free top-quality courses/lectures/etc. from Stanford, Harvard, Open University, Oxford, Cambridge, and so on. I now have 50GB of a hard-disk full of that stuff.

    1. Katherine

      Oh Mike, I could kiss you! You know, I originally discovered This American Life and RadioLab because you mentioned them somewhere. I just subscribed to “The English Riots”, “Philosophy & Science of Human Nature”, and “Shah Rukh Khan: Advice for Life”. Do you have any favourites?

  2. Roni J.

    Hey Katherine! I found your site via a tweet. I really like your list! I have heard of few but have only listened to ML4U podcasts. I listen to a lot of LiveFree Podcasts. Mike Maxwell has a lot of edge compared to others but he does do a crazy variety of artists.

    Okay! I’m off to read about your art! Take care.

    1. Katherine

      Hi Roni, thanks for the recommendation — I’m off to check out that podcast straight after this. Twitter, eh? Good to know I’m not just shouting into a void :P


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