Work in Progress — Sketchbook Sneak Peek

If you happen to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably heard me whinging about being out of some staple art supplies these past few weeks. It’s currently Day 21 of what I’ve come to refer to as the “out-of-vital-art-supplies-and-my-order-still-hasn’t-arrived” saga. I’ve had a couple of kind souls offer to perform an emergency art supplies drop, which we’re calling “Operation Pigment Pusher”.

When I was still under the delusion that the package was going to arrive in a sane time, I decided to just bum around until it arrived instead of beginning something new. You see, when it comes to making art I’m a serial monogamist. The danger in starting work on a new piece before I’ve finished with the old is that I’ll lose all interest in the works I haven’t yet finished and become infatuated with the shiny new toy. Once it became clear that something had gone terribly wrong with the postal process however, I whipped out the sketchbook and also played with my new distress inks a little bit. There are only so many nazi zombies a girl can kill.

Work in progress art sketchbook

Work in Progress Art Nellie Windmill  2

Between this and the painting that I worked for almost three weeks on and then decided to scrap, art productivity levels this year have been an Epic Fail.

If you’d like to volunteer your services and art supplies to Operation Pigment Pusher, just leave your details in the comments below and I’ll forward you the coordinates for the drop. I’ll supply the cake.

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