Ceramics by Diana Fayt

When the time comes to branch out from painting I feel certain ceramics will be the way I go. I particularly adore Diana Fayt’s work, which craftily combines the two. I imagine the process of creating something both artistic and functional would be deeply satisfying.Diana Fayt ceramics vases

Diana Fayt ceramics

Diana Fayt ceramics

Bowls Diana Fayt

Cups Diana Fayt

Vases Diana Fayt

All rights reserved – Diana Fayt

I never knew I could love a spoon this hard. I love these words from Diana, on her spoons: “I am not sure why, but at this time of year, I am compelled to make spoons. This years’ spooning is happening with rich brown clay that looks and feels like smooth chocolate”.

The Clayer: Surfacing e-course

Diana will be launching an e-course on surface applications on ceramics this February 27th. The course will run for six weeks and costs $129. I hope really hard that she’s still offering this once I’ve had a chance to delve into ceramics!

You can check out Diana’s blog, follow her on Twitter, find her on Flickr, visit her shop on Etsy, or friend her on Facebook (where there are plenty more photos not found elsewhere).

3 Comments Ceramics by Diana Fayt

  1. wendy

    Please, please tell me how you get the black color in your fine lines? Do you paint the whole vase in black underglaze, then the other two colors, then scratch through? I tried that but ended up scratching most of black away.

    1. Katherine

      Sorry, I can’t help you Wendy! These aren’t my ceramics – I just shared them because I love them. Pop over to Diana Fayt’s website and see if she can help you out :)


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