Where I Am and What I’m Doing

It’s a little pervy but I love it when my favourite artists share details about their day-to-day lives on their blogs. I haven’t been doing very well in this area so I’ve decided to rectify that. So if you’re interested in learning what I’ve been up to and where I am, read on.

Where I am

Cats on a Mini a French Village

Against all the odds (everything’s closed this time of year), we’ve found ourselves a rustic little caravan park in the heart of a charming mediaeval village in the far south of France. There are winding, narrow lanes of tipsy-topsy half-timber houses and a crumbling 12th century abbey looming aesthetically over the caravan park.



Alet-les-Bains_Michael Tyson


Alet-les-Bains_Town Centre

Tudor Houses in Alet-les_Bains


We had a really delightful surprise this morning when we opened Nettle’s blinds to a smattering of snow on the ground and a flurry of snow in the air.


What I’m doing

I’ve finally committed to opening an Etsy shop on July 24th this year! I dedicated January to developing a cohesive product line and organising a launch strategy and actually ended up filling an entire sketchbook with ideas. I’ll be providing sneak peaks of some of my favourite sketches, which I’ll be turning into paintings for the new series, in my inaugural newsletter!

Random Minutia

  • I discovered that full moons have names! I love it when the real world gets its whimsy on. I find it so heartening.
  • I now smell like an antique settee, a violin in the attic, and a satin corset (not all at the same time), thanks to this belated Christmas present from my lovely partner.
  • We’ve embraced bag-in-a-box wine, also known as “cask wine”. We’re told this isn’t even a little bit bogan in France. I think there’s an algorithmic thingy that says anything done in France is 100% more sophisticated than when done anywhere else in the world.

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