An Exciting Moment in the Life of an Artist: A new sketchbook

I’ve temporarily abandoned the paintings I vowed to finish before 2012 and have my nose buried in my sketchbook. So instead of showing you some new paintings today I’ve got a couple of sketches to share with you. These are just a couple which I like but probably won’t be making into paintings.Nellie Windmill Sketch

Nellie Windmill Girl Sketch

I finished my old sketchbook the other week and thoroughly enjoyed that exciting moment in an artist’s life of buying a new one. As I flipped through my old one I realised sketchbooks are like little time capsules. I was struck by an image of myself as a little old lady surrounded by stacks of teetering sketchbooks and thought how nice it would be to remember where I was and what I was doing during the life of each one. I bought my recently filled one in Tunisia, 2010 and my new one in Provence, France so I decided to dedicate the first page to my future self.

Nellie Windmill Sketchbook

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