Shiny Pretty Things

One of my favourite types of blog posts to write is when I get to share beautiful things with you. For sure one of the downers of living nomadically is having no address and no way of buying all the beautiful things I find online (probably for the best really). [Cue violins].

Original Art + Bags = Accessory Heaven

original art bags

These delightful bags are the result of a very special alchemy between mixed media artist Cathy Nichols and Sherpani. When I first saw these bags I was immediately thrown into a longing daydream of one day having my own line of cute and quirky bag creations. That would be a dream come true.

Autumn Hued Stockings & Arm Warmers

Autumn Stockings and Arm Warmers

Not the most timely of blog posts but I couldn’t not share these. There are a ton of yummy sock creations over at the appropriately named “Sock Dreams”. Once I’m back living in Melbourne town, I see regular jaunts into the city in many a sassy boot, skirt, and stockings combos!

Handmade Jewellery by Vena Amoris

Handmade Jewellery

I’m a big fan of organic looking jewellery. Vena Amoris Jewelry is the creation of Tesia Alexandra. Her designs are elegant in their simplicity and embrace the natural “flaws” of the precious stones and metals she works with.

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