A Mixed Media Artist’s Winter Survival Strategy

I’m already struggling with the lack of light as we hurtle towards winter. Between this and other life stuff my productivity has been absolutely rubbish lately. As the days get shorter, I find I’m having to get very intentional about time in the “studio”.Girl on a swing drawing

Girl with a plait drawing

I’m not at all a morning person so at the moment my main goal is to aim to get up around sunrise to maximise my daylight hours. This is a real struggle for me and I’m not at all sure I’ll manage it so I’ve come up with a couple of strategies:

  • We’ve moved the heater closer to the bed so I can turn it on from bed in the morning. I’ll set an alarm for 6am to turn it on and go back to sleep until 8:30.
  • I’ve noticed that if I leave it too long between painting sessions, I either become very antsy to get back to it or at the other extreme, I can become very complacent about it. When the latter happens, I’ve found a beautifully simple silver bullet. If I pull out the pieces in progress and leave them out so I can look at them throughout the day I instantly get excited about getting stuck into them again.
  • When the time comes when even the light during the day isn’t good enough for too many days in a row, I might get one of those fancy natural daylight lamps. I used to scoff at these as a newbie artist but after attempting to paint with regular light bulbs last winter, I’m a convert. I’d happily paint away with what I thought was a lovely shade of grey then take the painting outside into natural daylight to take some photos, only to find that it was a strange and not altogether pleasant shade of pale green!

What are your winter time survival strategies?

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