Sneaky Peaky — Work in Progress

I haven’t made much progress in the studio in the last couple of months due to a spot of travelling, an emergency dash to Denmark for unexpected visa related issues and some health bother. Also, I had to re-paint the eye section on the big owl after completely ballsing it up the first time around. The little guys are my obligatory autumnal colours paintings of the season (although I’m in danger of it no longer being autumn by the time I finish them).Nellie Windmill Art

As I mentioned in my post about my new laser-like focus, I’ve decided to only paint owls in all their glorious permutations for a while; hence the owl glut.

I’m really enjoying working on small PanPastel and ink pieces whilst tackling the larger acrylic piece. Working with PanPastel brings immediate gratification, which is in direct contrast to the time-consuming, labour-intensive layering technique I use with acrylics.

It’s interesting to witness the shift in my attitude towards colours since I’ve begun painting. A few years ago I thought of mustard yellow as one of those kacky baby-poo colours. Perhaps, if I continued to take it on its own I never would’ve warmed to it, but pair it with greys, warm, autumnal earth tones, or a lovely blue-green and instantly it transforms into something beautiful.

4 Comments Sneaky Peaky — Work in Progress

  1. Cindy D.

    These look so fantastic! Just amazing with both techniques. I love the character of each unique creature.

    As for mustard – LOVE the color, don’t usually love the condiment.

  2. Red Tash

    Your work is terrific! I love your style, and really, really wish I could create art like this. I’m just stuck writing, instead. ;)

    So great to discover you today! Thank you!


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