Owl Lover 2012 Calendar Now Available!

I’m very excited to announce that this little guy is available in the “Owl Lover 2012 Calendar” over at My Owl Barn! It’s a truly inspired concept —- 40 artists have contributed an owlish piece of art, which means people can customise their own calendar by picking and choosing their 12 favourite images and can then print it off completely free of charge!2012 My Owl Barn Calendar_Nellie Windmill

This is the first time I’ve ever had my art out in the world as part of something! It’s pretty amazing to think that a little piece of me, my private imagining, will be sitting on people’s desks and hanging on their walls. It’s also excellent reinforcement for all the effort I’ve been putting into building a social media presence, as Shivani found my original owls on flickr.

2012 My Owl Barn Calendar_Nellie Windmill

2012 My Owl Barn Calendar_Nellie Windmill

I don’t often ask for tweets and facebook likes because it makes me feel icky, but if you do feel moved to do so, please consider sharing the project (via Facebook here or Twitter here) with your online community, as a nice little gesture for the forty artists who contributed their work for free. Thank you! x

9 Comments Owl Lover 2012 Calendar Now Available!

  1. Lynette

    Hi, found your Owl on Owl Barn when looking at the Calendar ~ amazing artists with a fantastic concept, I’m glad its bought you into the world for us to see !! Look forward to printing my Calendar with a piece of you in it ! Thanks !!

  2. Cindy D.

    Wow, such a really cool owl. Totally love the colors, the striped pants, the button and all the other details. Great, great style, I really love it. :)


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