The Next [Simple] Big Dream Continued

I was never one of those little girls who dreamt about what their wedding would be like or about having babies (some things never change), yet I did often and longingly fantasise about one day having my own home. I dreamt about only buying beautiful things for it, of painting it interesting colours, I even drew sketches of it. In fact, the first career dream I had was to be an architect.Despite (or maybe because of) our vagabonding ways I’m beginning to feel the nesting urge again. Last time I told you (in exhaustive detail?) about my newfound obsession with cottage gardens. Now let me introduce you to what I have in mind for our little cottage.

Dream Artist's Home

My Small [Big] List of Dreams for the Interior:

  • Open shelving in the kitchen with jars of herbs and beautiful handmade ceramics
  • English country oven (my lucky mum recently scored one of these in Cranberry with chrome fittings!)
  • Old cast iron pots and pans on hooks on the wall
  • Farm sink
  • Hardwood floors
  • Colourfully painted sliding wooden door separating the kitchen from the lounge room
  • Long, deliciously rustic wooden table in the kitchen
  • Freestanding bath tub overlooking our garden

Dream Rustic Cottage

My Small [Big] List of Dreams for the Cottage Itself:

  • Double story A-frame
  • Colourfully painted wooden shutters on the front windows
  • Colourfully painted wooden front door
  • If there were no limitations financially or logistically, stone would be a dream come true. Not sure how feasible this is in Australia. If not stone, I’m not at all sure what we’ll use, although I’m interested in looking into cob and straw-bale.
  • An open plan loft bedroom/bathroom upstairs
  • Full window-walls at both ends of the upper story
  • A full window-wall in the kitchen (rear of the house), looking out onto our verdant cottage garden
  • Spiral staircase (will I hate it once the novelty’s worn off?)
  • A fireplace is a must!

In a frenzy of inspiration I even drew up floor plans! I thought I was being completely mental and was a bit sheepish to share it with my partner Mike but he was right there with me. We talked at length about the location of the downstairs toilet, the upstairs bedroom-bathroom arrangement, making sure we have enough space for having friends over for dinner!

Dream House Plans

Dream House Floor Plans

Dream Home Floor Plans

I’m very much a homebody (an introverted Cancerian!) so the perfect home is pretty much my idea of heaven. I’m designing my own personal heaven you guys! What are the features of your dream home? Where do you go for inspiration?

8 Comments The Next [Simple] Big Dream Continued

  1. Keith

    Introverted Cancerian, eh? Me too. I didn’t know home was so important to Cancers. That explains a lot, actually. The more I travel the more I respect and want to be home (which is potentially problematic).

    That said, Sarah is the one who would do something like this as I don’t have a vision for my perfect home…or maybe I’m just OK with the best option that presents itself (my inherent laziness).

    Love your vision though, looks cozy and open at the same time.

    1. Katherine

      Oh, a fellow Cancerian! Yes, Cancerians are the homebodies of the zodiac. Hehe, that is potentially problematic! Unless you travel as snails like us and take your home with you.

  2. Michelle CrowsFeet

    Oh gee… My dream home? Similar! I love your photos. We rent in Scotland. Renting sucks. our landlord is sweet, but the house is only ours for a limited time and that means no decorating, no putting up shelves. I haven’t seen my ornamentd and books in four years. I haven’t decorated my own bedroom since I was 12. Been a few decades of waiting for a home! :-(

    Maybe one day…

    Nope, never dreamt of weddings or babies

  3. Michelle CrowsFeet

    umm… finger issues – sorry about hiccup.

    …always dreamt of a home. As a kid it was a log cabon. Nowadays it’s a farm house cottage with a walled veg-fruit garden and a bay window for a Christmas tree. Oh and BIG kitchen with patio doors onto the garden that face the sun. :-)

    1. Katherine

      Love Scotland! I’ve never decorated anything because of renting too. I’m very much hoping that we can buy/build straight away when we get back to Australia and never have to rent again, but that’s a massive financial goal!


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