These Blog Posts Brought to you from Scotland, Wales, England, and Belgium

It has come to my attention that I haven’t blogged about our trundles since May, so this post is going to be chock full of photos! Since my last Vagabonding Executive Summary, we’ve toured Scotland, fallen in love with York, and been trapped in Belgium. You can currently find us gorging ourselves on bread and cheese in Paris.

Scotland & Edinburgh

When thinking of our time in Scotland I can’t help a sardonic smile as I reflect on how far we travelled and how little we actually saw. The weather consistently conspired to shroud Scotland’s forbidding lochs and craggy mountainscapes in an all concealing veil of mist. A delightful side-effect of this weather, however was an abundance of rainbows!

Motorhome Loch Tay

Puffin Isle of May Photo by our friend, Kris Van de Sande

Cycling in Scotland

Edinburgh Architecture UK

Edinburgh Architecture Scotland

Our time in Scotland took a very unexpected and pleasant twist when we made arrangements to meet up with a fellow travel blogger acquaintance and his wife. We instantly developed a massive couple crush and proceeded to follow them across Scotland. This meant we ended up traveling a lot more and a lot faster than usual but it was absolutely worth it to stalk get to know our new friends.

Friends in Scotland

Isle of Skye

Portree Isle of Skye

Quiraing Isle of Skye

Skye Museum of Island Life

Old Man of Storr

Glencoe Rainbow


It’s a long story but we ended up having to drive all the 630 miles back to Wales from Isle of Skye! Although, whilst there we visited the lovely couple we house-sat for last winter and got to see Lygos Farm in spring. I never cease to be amazed at the complete transformation the landscape undergoes from season to season in this part of the world.

Lygos Farm Wales


York is one of two place we’ve been that I feel confident to say I could quite happily live for a decent chunk of time. The only other place that has had me fantasising about moving in was the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. I luxuriated in exploring the winding, cobbled streets and admiring the lovely things in the enticing boutiques.

York Wall England

York Shopping Cath Kidston

York Chimneys

The Shambles York


Our European vagabonding adventure has been punctuated with trips to the dentist for me and my problem tooth. The much anticipated day we were to leave Belgium for France, the filling of said-problem-tooth broke (again) and we decided to stay until I could get a dentist’s appointment. We mostly spent the time recuperating from our 630 mile marathon across the UK and our couple-crush induced sprint across Scotland.

Gent Canal Belgium

Phew! I’ll try to do these more frequently in the future to keep them to a slightly more sane size! The next Vagabonding Executive Summary will be full of photos of French cottage gardens, cycling in Paris, and stories about eating cheese and baguettes and cheese and croissants and cheese!

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