Nobody Tells This to People Who are Beginners…

self-taught artist

Every now and then, I write a post with a list of things I wish somebody had told me as a newbie artist. If I never say anything on this topic again, I’ll be satisfied that I have at least shared this, because this one’s a woppa. I absolutely wish someone had told me this. Not right away. Maybe at that point when I’d been creating long enough to be hooked and determined to learn, yet a littledisappointed with my results. If someone had’ve shared this with me at the very beginning of artistry newbidom it may have just filled me with despair. When beginning a daunting undertaking, I think a little bit of self-delusion is necessary to get started and keep going. My wish is that this insight is shared widely but discriminatingly. Don’t freak out the newbs!

4 Comments Nobody Tells This to People Who are Beginners…

  1. Cindy D.

    I have the same quote at my place. It is a quote by Ira Glass of “This American Life” and an absolutely great one. (I don’t know who set it in this type, though.)


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