Sneaky Peaky — Work in Progress

I’ve almost finished a painting that was done entirely with dry brushing! Do you have any idea how long a painting done entirely with dry brushing takes?! Nothing has ever taken this long. At the moment it’s my favourite way to create shading, but I’ve learnt from this experience to avoid it for fine detail work — bloody nightmare.

It always surprises me, the direction a painting takes. It’s rather delightful ending up with something that I couldn’t have dreamt up from a standing start. Sleepy French sheep certainly never would have crossed my mind!Lullaby Mixed Media Painting.jpg

Quilted Hill_WIP_Mixed Media Art.jpg

Quilted Hill_Nellie Windmill.jpg

6 Comments Sneaky Peaky — Work in Progress

  1. Tammy Olson

    Hello, Just stopping by from the e-course. This recent work looks very good, can’t wait to see it finished. I’ve never worked with a dry brush. I love all you owls. Great work. Looking forward to connecting in class.

    1. Katherine

      Thank you Tammy! The main reason for me for doing the e-course was to build a bit of a community, find my people. So, very much looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. rita maria

    katherine, thanks for coming to visit my blog. it’s so nice to meet you! your website is so cozy and inviting. in love with your owls!!!

    also loving all of the travel pictures! wow. what a journey you two have had. my husband and i are talking about going back to visit ireland. i would love to stay 3 months. you just inspired me to try harder!

    1. Katherine

      Oooh, “cozy and inviting” — how fantastic! Thank you :)

      Oh gosh, yes stay in Ireland as long as humanly possible! :P


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